Welcome to Sherwood Flooring!

Your locally owned, family run flooring store.

Hello, my name is Alyssa Toma and I am the General Manager over here at Sherwood Flooring. I am about to tell you everything you need to know about us and why we continue to floor the flooring world (good one, I know).

12 years ago, a Journeyman Carpenter by the name of Bill Toma (yes my father) decided to open his own flooring company. Taking great pride in his work, he hired a few good men to take under his wing and train to be as detailed, efficient and clean as he was. Every job that was completed, he learned something new – a better way to do things. After perfecting his flooring installation process, 10 years later he opened up his very own flooring store!

Today, Sherwood Flooring has 12 in store staff, and more than 20 installers! What a growth from 1 man with a dream.

So why us? What makes us different than all the other flooring stores out there?

We do it right the first time.

We may only be going on 3 years for our store front, but our back end (installers) have more than 20 years experience (some with more than 30 years)! We also have many Journeyman Carpenters & Journeyman Tile Setters on staff to ensure things are being done correctly.

All of our installers take extreme pride in their work. They love what they do. They can’t get enough. The more difficult the job, the more excited they get to show off their skills. (Take a peek in our gallery to see some of the amazing work they have completed).

Worried they only like big jobs? Don’t be. Our installers are paid by the hour not by the project, so no job is too small for them! This helps with a worry-free experience, instead of having the sometimes worrisome subcontractor.

We keep installers on staff for each type of flooring surface – all of our installers specialize in their field, ensuring the installation runs smooth and most importantly: efficient. We know how stressful renovations can be on a home, so our goal is to get and out in a timely manner so you can get back to your normal day to day activities.

Sherwood Flooring’s mission is to provide quality products and services at competitive rates. – “Family values, honest advice & fair pricing”.

As you have already read, my father owns our store & I help keep things running smooth – but I would like to now introduce you to the rest of our team!

My brother, Brayden, runs our installation department, while my mother Dana (weird to call her anything other that Momma) runs our Interior Design program. That’s the whole family! Some days get a little crazy, but working so close with family has sure brought us closer together. I believe when people walk in our front door, they can see the passion we all have.. We love what we do, and I know you can see that on our faces.

But, our Sherwood Flooring family doesn’t end there. Believe it or not, our family extends to almost 40 people! The staff and their families are what make Sherwood Flooring what it is. We are one big team, and I for one am extremely grateful I get to work in an environment that has so many talented, loving people. They always say – “you can teach someone skills, but it’s hard to teach someone how to care” – and here, the love, passion and dedication everyone has to customer service, is second to none.

PICTURE ON RIGHT: Here you can see our installer Ruben happily teaching our receptionist Katelyn how to use a trowel – we make sure everyone gets to experience watching these guys work as hard as they do!

What about that puppy you keep seeing?!

That’s right, we have a shop puppy! Jersey is our Pomsky puppy – she loves people and especially loves giving out kisses! She is here every Monday – Friday, so stop by any day even if you just want to come play!

I should warn you however, she loves children even more than adults! So if you have any really little ones, prepare them for all the kisses (or just let one of us know so we can hold her).

We feel having Jersey around really helps boost everyone’s moods, and we find is a great ice breaker with new clients that may be tense about their upcoming renovation.

PICTURE TO LEFT: Jersey is posing with our installer Michael’s daughter Mimi (see I told you – we are one giant family over here!) Mimi’s favorite trick is when Jersey sits nice and shakes-a-paw!

Meet: Jersey!

 Earlier I had mentioned “honest advice”. What does that mean?

At Sherwood Flooring, our goal is to never have you feel like we are your typical “used car salesman”. Our mission is to provide you with the flooring that you need – the flooring that suits your needs, your family’s needs – that will last and provide purpose.

Everything on our showroom floor is labeled with a price per sq/ft, and any possible extra shipment costs. The last thing we want is to have you fall in love with a product that it outside the project budget. Not to mention the amount of time you spend waiting for us to go back and forth giving you prices. Everything is out in the open! This also means it doesn’t matter how you found us, whether through a home builder, a designer, a contractor.. anyone.. your price is the same. We are honest & fair. Transparent if you will.

All of our estimates are done “line by line”. This means that you will not be guessing how we came up with our pricing. Every penny is accounted for. We feel this helps you decide which parts of the project you would like to hire us to complete, and which parts you will complete yourself to help cut costs!

PICTURE ON RIGHT: Krisit-Leigh is working very hard to make sure our showroom is spick and span for your shopping experience. She takes amazing pride in her work, and man does this place smell good when she is all done!